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Cape Town-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Luca Hart started her music journey at the age of 6 with the piano and then classical violin. During her Music Technology degree at Stellenbosch University, she taught herself electronic music production and started performing and releasing music under her own name in 2016. Luca currently performs with award-winning instrumental electric trio Sterling EQ, as well as popular wedding duo Sunset Espresso as a pop violinist and vocalist. 

Luca's compositions range from delicate violin pieces to dramatic and evocative works that incorporate lush strings, percussion, and yearning vocals. She strives to keep moving people's hearts through the combination of epic visuals and music.
 Luca has composed tracks for publishers Kamikaze Kitty (NL) and Mama Dance (SA), as well as Smac Gallery, Sunset Espresso, and Sterling EQ.


Mountain Ridge



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